Understanding Logit Tranformation and Log of Odds

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Logistic Regression is an extension of Linear regression, except that, here, the dependent variable is categorical and not continuous. It predicts the probability of the outcome variable.

So, Logistic Regression in one of the machine learning algorithm to solve a binary classification problem.
Some real-life classification examples would be :

  • to classify the mail as spam or not spam
  • to classify the transaction as fraudulent or genuine
  • whether a person will buy insurance or not
    In the above examples, Logistic Regression estimates the probability of an event occurring i.e either mail is spam (1) or not spam (0).

How Haar Cascade Classifier Works

An overview of Haar cascade classifier

Haar cascade classifier is an open cv algorithm. It makes classification between images with an object ( i.e face) and images without an object (i.e with non-faces).

Initially, several hundreds of images with face and several hundreds of images with non-faces have been given to this classifier. This classifier was then trained by applying machine learning methods like the neural networks to recognize human faces. It then extracted Haar Features from those images and stored them in an xml file.

What are Haar Features and how these features are extracted?

Basically for face detection, the classifier looks for the most relevant features on the face such as eyes, nose, lips…

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